First blog post

A HUGE ‘THANK YOU” is in order to my little community of Matfield Green, for all of the support they have shown for the opening of my new shop, Thistle Cottage HOME!

My walking buddy, Shirley Letourneau, surprised me with delicious cookies to welcome my guests on opening day, and were they ever a success!  She makes a mint brownie that is out of this world!  THANK YOU, SHIRLEY!

My Facebook friends deserve a shout out, as well!  Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my posts, which brought several visitors from Wichita and surrounding areas.  

It is always such a thrill when I can introduce someone to the the beauty of the Flint Hills, and they must be experienced in order to truly appreciate the sense of peace that overtakes you as you travel the scenic byway of Highway 177.  It is my hope that Thistle Cottage HOME will become a destination spot for folks who just want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life for a bit, and for any of you train buffs out there, well, you can’t get much closer to one than this!  Come on up and bring a sack lunch if you like!  There are several spots on the property for you to sit and enjoy the trains as they whoosh by,  and every now and then, you’ll get to hear the whistle blow, which makes the experience that much more exciting!

Oh, and lest I forget: the original outhouse for this property is not only in working order, but  will provide the bathroom facilities for all of our visitors, and just  wait till you see what my husband has used to decorate it with!






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