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Items from around the shop today:

Lab rug measures 35″ x 52″.  It is used, but with alot of wear left!  The colors are muted , and the cheerful designs could add a touch of whimsy to a little girl’s room or playhouse!

Vintage teapot filled with colorful , realistic veggies…a perfect way to add a burst of color to a kitchen counter , or to create a darling centerpiece for a noonday luncheon with friends!

The  EnKnight  over-the-shoulder, lime-green bag is made of durable nylon and brings convenience , function and style to all of your sporting activities, including hiking, cycling, and shopping for starters!

Traveling this summer?  This Anti-Theft TRAVELON bag is for you! A great gift item as well.  It comes with multiple pockets, inside and out, with closures that make it nearly impossible for any pick-pocket to maneuver.  Adjustable shoulder strap makes it a  suitable  hands-free carryall for organizing all of your essentials in the safest manner possible.

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