Welcome to Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’

Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’ is a wonderful mix of collectibles and home furnishings, including gift items and greeting cards, hand-poured soy candles, rustic furniture, vintage kitchenware, greenery and florals, lamps…well, you get the picture!

Set back from the highway, the diamond-paned window, French Doors and this ‘Welcome’ sign beckon you to come inside and browse awhile.  There will always be a ‘place to land’, with seating available inside and out , to rest or just to enjoy the sounds and sights all around! There are so many kinds of birds out here in the Flint Hills, and keeping my feeders full is bringing in daily visitors, including a pair of turtle doves, blue jays, finches and even woodpeckers!  They are such a joy to watch, and except for the squawking blue jay mom trying to protect her little fledglings, the sounds are delightful and distinctive.

Trying to keep my plants alive in this heat and humidity is becoming a full-time job, but the bursts of color and lush greenery add to the welcoming effect I hope you all will enjoy.

The shop is open Thursday thru Saturday, and will be open the first Sunday of the month for all of our motorcycle enthusiasts .  Seating is available outside for any of you who might like to enjoy watching the bikes as they cruise by,  every color and style imaginable, with girl’s bandanas flying , leathers glistening and radios blasting out the oldies as they whiz by!  It is always so exciting to me still, even after so many years.

Sure can’t forget the trains that run through the town each day.  There’s just something comforting to me about the sound, and I find myself feeling grateful that the trains still run in this age of technology that daily brings us new and improved ways to do most anything!  So , the trains ‘ground’ me and give me a sense of stability in this ever-changing world we live in.

When you see the colorful flags flying and the ‘OPEN’ sign at the end of the driveway, the shop is open for business!  Keep an eye on the website for ‘new arrivals’, and for upcoming workshops that are in the planning stage as we speak.  Leave your requests for more information/pricing on the ‘contact’ tab, and I will get back to you in a timely manner.  Thank you for your interest in Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’!

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