Kittens of Thistle Cottage

This precious little thing was a kitten of one of the feral cats that live around Thistle Cottage.  I never knew I was going to become a ‘rescuer’, but I’m in deep now!

Several years ago, while we were remodeling our home, we started feeding several feral cats that roamed our neighborhood.  It wasn’t long before we were feeding up to 25 cats in a day, and all I can figure is, they went back and ‘told’ their friends about us, and viola’!

My sister is on the board of a local animal rescue, the Wichita Animal Action League.  They are an amazing group of volunteers who not only rescue and rehome animals, but provide food, dog houses, medicine, and medical attention,  for animals who are in situations where their owners struggle to care for them, and in some, if not many , cases where neglect and abuse exist.  These are just a few of the ways this organization assists our community, and it is all done with the animal as the first priority, and in a way that builds a bridge of trust between the owner and the volunteers.

I was able to care for this little kitten, treating it for eye infections in both eyes, so terrible that they were swollen and weepy, and without the help of antibiotics, could have led to permanent blindness.  Thanks to the help of one of WAAL’S finest volunteers who works primarily with cats/kittens, Netta Otis, we were able to find a loving home for this little thing.  Netta helped me SO MUCH, with her recommendations for formula, bottles and nipples, and even about a special ‘playpen’ that became invaluable to me !  I could have never made it without that playpen, as it kept the kittens I was treating contained, and safe until I could get them to Netta.  She went on to foster not only this one, but several other kittens who were in need of loving homes.

It has been so rewarding to be a part of saving these little lives!  Because of a generous donation from WAAL, we were able to spay and neuter 13 cats last summer, reducing the number of kittens being born tothis colony of  feral cats.  Not only are we helping to reduce the population, but we are helping to cut down on cat fights that can oftentimes produce terrible injuries, but we are also helping to prevent inbreeding, which can produce depressed immune systems that lead to disease and whole host of other health conditions.

It is my hope to raise awareness of the need for TNR: trap, spay/neuter, and release.  We are the voice for those who have no voice, and we are their only hope to live lives free of abuse, neglect, and disease.  Become familiar with the animal rescue organization(s) in your area, and consider donating your time and your money to help save lives and give these little things a home where they are appreciated and loved.  Thank you!

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