Hand Poured Soy Candles


Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’ is proud to present these wonderfully fragranced soy candles sporting our store logo, but created by HOMEGIRL out of Dallas, Texas.

The store has sold out of our most popular fragrance,  French Amber Patchouli, my personal favorite!  For any of you baby boomers, you would enjoy this one in particular, since Patchouli was the  ‘go to’ for all flower children, in our bandana’s, halter dresses and wire-rimmed glasses.  (I won’t even go there on all the OTHER stuff that was part of our culture back then!)

These candles have a burn time of up to 60 hours, with scents that are not overpowering like some, but with a mellow base that permeates the whole room within minutes and a fragrance that lasts long after the flame is quenched.

Our best sellers are:  Sweet Grace (don’t you just love the name!); Dreams; Rosemary Mint; Amber Lavender; Cinilla; Cranberry Tea &  French Amber Patchouli.

The candles sell for $16.00 each.

Please use the contact page if you are interested. Mailing is available, &  shipping charges will apply.

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