To Market To Market

Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’ is growing, thanks to faithful readers like you who ‘like’ our page and frequent our store!

New merchandise is being added each week, and it is always exciting to see the enthusiasm of our customers when they light on that PERFECT PIECE that ‘has their name on it’!

Case in point:  A customer from Cottonwood Falls who follows us on Facebook came in the store today, and spied a mottled ceramic egg salt shaker.  Both she and her daughter concurred that she MUST have it, and proceeded to tell me how mom (Dena) loves to make deviled eggs!  She makes them for her family, but when it comes time to sit down to their meal, she inevitably FORGETS to put them on the table!!!

It has become a family joke from the sounds of it, because her family LOVES deviled eggs, but they never seem to GET any!  Hence, the egg.  It is with high hopes that if she puts it out on the table , SOMEONE will notice and remember to get the eggs out of the frig!!  Dena, if you are reading this, please let me know how successful you are in this new endeavor!  And thank you for visiting Thistle Cottage ‘HOME’ on your birthday today!!

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