For the Love of Horses

A visit from my granddaughter, Cheyanne Reitz of Dallas, Texas grew from just an ordinary ‘visit to grandma’s house’ into a memory-making learning experience, thanks to the kindness of a neighbor and fellow member of our local New Century Club, Melinda Hinkson.

Melinda LOVES horses, and if I knew her better, I could have a whole lot more to share with you about her passion and experiences.  But for now, I want to publicly thank her for taking the time with Cheyanne to introduce her to  Manoah (I apologize that I do not know the proper name for this breed of horse…only that she is beautiful, sweet and gentle) She took the time to instruct Cheyanne on all of the parts of the horse, and taught her how to check her hooves for wear, check her teeth,  and how to lovingly brush her and look her over for any hot spots that might need attention.

As with most young people, Cheyanne was anxious to ride, but, first things first!  Becoming a responsible horse rider, one must first become a responsible horse owner!  This requires some attention to some monotonous details, which to an 11 year old, can spell b.o.r.i.n.g!!!  But I must say, I was very proud of her for hanging in there that first day, which was the day Melinda took to carefully guide her through all of the details that would help her become a responsible rider in the future !!

The second  day was the day Cheyanne had been waiting for: Riding day!  She loved the experience and Manoah was so gentle and easy with her.  As you can see in the featured picture, Manoah seemed to have taken a liking to Cheyanne, too!

Melinda is a born teacher, and combined with her passion for horses, she brought an enthusiasm to these teaching moments that I believe will have a significant influence in the future of this granddaughter who hopes to become a veterinarian someday.  Our family needs one in the worst way, as many of us advocate for animals through a local animal rescue , the Wichita Animal Action League.  It is my hope that this valuable learning experience only whetted Cheyanne’s appetite to learn more about the animals she loves and hopes to help someday.  She is literally a pied piper with cats , and she had plenty to love on while she was here at grandma’s!  We feed up to 15 feral cats twice a day, and while Cheyanne was here, she even bottle fed a newborn kitten we named ‘Baby’ who was abandoned by her mother.  Cheyanne didn’t bat an eye, and held it so gently and fed it like a pro!

Thank you again, Melinda Hinkson, for sharing your time with this little gal that I love dearly.  You were so kind to offer, and please know that I appreciate every moment you spent with her.  Your Manoah was so gentle, just the perfect horse for Cheyanne to learn from.


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